Wearing Nature

Take your garden with you

We have never been so far removed from nature as we are today. We exist in a time where most people grab their phones as soon as they wake up, commute while catching up with social media and then spend the rest of the day looking at a computer screen. Thanks to air-conditioning in our offices and in our cars, the word ‘season’ relates more to what we wear rather than to the weather.

But now, thanks to designers such as LD from Teeny Tiny Planet, we can carry a little bit of nature with us all the time.

LD has always loved miniature things and recently expanded her Etsy shop from creating doll-house miniature items such as furniture and food, to exquisite glass necklaces. These delicate teardrop shaped glass vials contain small dried flowers and sometimes even whole terrains.


According to LD she is “hopelessly addicted to making little things and firmly believe[s] that good things come in small packages.”

Susan, from Passion Flower Events, is another designer taking her inspiration from nature. She’s taking ‘natural design’ to a whole new level with her live, sustainable, succulent jewelry. Susan describes herself as a Floral Designer and creates individual pieces, including arm-bands, necklaces and rings, with live, growing plants.


The plants can live for about 2 to 4 weeks. Afterwards, you can remove the plants, separate them and redesign the jewelry, keeping the extra succulents growing in a pot. Susan has received several awards for her gorgeous designs, and was placed second overall in the 2014 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year competition.

It all started when a friend of Susan’s asked her to design a floral headpiece for her wedding day. She had so much fun that she started designing for other weddings. In a recent interview, Susan commented, “when I had those flowers in my hands, I knew I’d found my medium and my life’s passion. It just felt right”.


Susan takes her inspiration from iconic designers like Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and Francoise Weeks. If you are unable to keep a garden or find yourself wondering ‘when was the last time I saw a living plant’ then perhaps this is the perfect accessory for your next day out!


Teeny Tiny Planet


Passion Flower Events


Pictures from Teeny Tiny Planet and Passion Flower Events

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