Tord Boontjie

Ever dream of having all your design inspiration in one conveniently gorgeous location?

Because gorgeous is almost always convenient, right?

So …. on to 23 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, London where the dreams of dreamers and players and people who look surprising normal on the outside but have hearts that beat to the sound of The Cacophony Bell (By Tord Boontje for Laikingland) all come true. The Professor and Head of Design Products at the Royal College of Art has opened his new shop in Shoreditch and here, all the products that were made for clients from around the world can be found. One off pieces and exclusive new work will add even more excitement to the fantastical space.


Crystal chandeliers and mass produced tableware span the divide between ludicrously luxurious and luckily utterly affordable. Even the furniture and accents form part of an installation guaranteed to inspire every visitor.

Boontje’s design studio is also at home here and this is a shop where the browsers are encouraged to share inspiration and questions and get involved in the minutiae of design and the very process of creation. One has the distinct impression that every visitor will contribute to the production of objects informed by a universal sense of design responsibilities.


Come and see…..

Furniture from Moroso, including the Shadowy Chair, which is made by artisans in Dakar, Senegal; the Bon Bon tables with delicate printed floral patterns on Corian; the Witch Chair in black leather; the perforated metal Rain chairs and table for the garden. Crystal chandeliers from Swarovski, including the Blossom and Ice Branch. Artecnica’s Midsummer Lights, made in paper, which hang like a floral bouquet from the ceiling.


Patterned porcelain tableware with illustrations of horses, birds, butterflies, bears, deer, and flowers, produced by Authentics. Habitat’s Garland Light entwining the light bulbs.

The Rough-and-Ready chair in three different formats: a free diagram with make-it- yourself instructions, a basic priced kit of parts for self-assembly and ready-made chairs. The complete Transglass range of recycled tableware made from used wine, beer and champagne bottles.


Scented candles in Transglass containers, available in the fragrances Fresh Cut Grass and Ripe Currant.

Curtain textiles from Kvadrat, such as the delicate laser cut Eternal Summer and 100 Years. Upholstery fabrics with patterns of twisting roses, screen-printed on wool felt. Handmade rugs from India, such as Little Field of Flowers. One-off pieces from past exhibitions, such as the Princess Chair, the Petit Jardin Chair and lights made of grass. Jewellery such as Charming, Cut Here and studio pieces made in crystal and cherry pips. And if Shoreditch is not in your orbit or hemisphere exclusive items that are dynamically born will also be available online.


About Tord Boontjie

Tord Boontje started life on earth in 1968 in a small town in the eastern Netherlands. He studied Industrial Design in Eindhoven, followed by a Masters from the Royal College of Art. In 2002 his Garland of Light for Habitat brought him a slice of the English spotlight. The 2003 Blossom Chandelier for Swarovski and a solo exhibition in Milan in 2004 established him as an international force of design excellence.


His clients include Shiseido, Yamaha, Hewlett Packard, Bisazza, Target, Philips, Kvadrat, Alexander McQueen, Nanimarquina, Artecnica, Authentics, Meta and he has continued his work with Swarovski, Moroso and Habitat. Major exhibitions include the Victoria and Albert Museum, MoMA and Copper-Hewitt museum in New York, the Design Museum and Tate Modern in London.


Studio Tord Boontje was founded in 1996 and intelligently marries contemporary to tradition and technology to the senses, it forsakes minimalism in the name of modernism and the latest expertise is applied to express very real emotions inspired by the very design of the universe itself.

Photography by Annie Smith

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