The Factory Café

In my endless quest to stay well fed and well inspired, and also because I found myself meandering around Glenwood looking for a place with great WiFi and a creative kitchen (because really who can work without being fed), I came across The Factory Café.

Tucked away in a little corner of Umbilo (about 2 blocks east of Glenwood High School – that’s towards the sea for those of you who don’t speak compass), The Factory Café awaits. You wind up some old red stained stairs, lured by the aroma of roasting coffee, and come across a wide open space, with large tables and a central waitron station festooned with delectable nibbles, a terrifyingly complicated looking coffee machine and smiling people.


I have now taken to working here A LOT! The WiFi is quick, the staff are super friendly and – in load shedding season – they actually come around with warnings of imminent blackouts, like human SMS alerts! There are two things even more noticeable than the friendly staff. The first is the incredible, description defying artisan burger. No really – it’s amazing! You have to try it! It is, without doubt, hands-down, thanks-for-coming the BEST burger I have ever in my life eaten. In fact I can’t promise I didn’t lick the plate.

The second thing is that all the furniture is hand-made by a local. In fact while eavesdropping on a conversation I heard that he not only makes the tables, but is in fact the tree feller, so he manages the wood from forest to table – so to speak! He’s called The Journeyman.

It’s a fabulous roastery as well, so that amazing coffee aroma is the real deal!

It’s so worth a visit, you simply have to go. And if you happen to see a woman licking her plate… just look away, it’s completely justified!

Philippa Rose-Tite
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Director | Wordsmith ~ Philippa worked her proverbial rear-end off to gain her MBA in 2006, while working full time, getting married, and having 2 babies. Though not regretting it, it certainly taught her how under-appreciated the art of juggling can be. After having worked in a number of sales and operational roles, she got tired of making money for other people and now only works with people and companies she loves. Her company is Purple Raindrop and they are a BigCityLife Partner on all things fabulous.


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