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Take the universe with you wherever you go!

“When I look up at the night sky and I know that, yes – we are part of this universe, we are in this universe. But, perhaps more important than both of those facts, is that the universe is in us. When I reflect on that fact, I look up – many people feel small, because they are small and the universe is big – but, I feel big! Because my atoms came from those stars. There’s a level of connectivity. That’s really what you want in life, you want to feel connected, you want to feel relevant, you want to feel like a participant in the goings on of activities and events around you. That’s precisely what we are… just by being alive.”


– Neil DeGrasse Tyson (American astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, and science communicator)

The universe intrigues us. It has for millennia. The stars, the planets, the thought of life outside of what we know. What also intrigues us, is how the universe can (or can’t) be contained. Except, that is, if you are a ginger feline answering to the name of Orion (nod to all the movie nerds who caught our obvious reference to the famous Men in Black cat). But recently we’ve had our heads turned by the thought of wearing the universe…

Lauren Beacham was inspired by her love of polaroids, space and jewellery.

So much so in fact, that she started designing a gorgeous range of bracelets and necklaces with a universe theme. Her studio, Yūgen opened its doors in 2007 and recently expanded to an online store. She creates boho accessories with a dab of space. The name, Yūgen, has its origins in the Japanese culture with the best translation Lauren can provide being “our awareness of our existence in the Universe that brings on feelings so profound that we cannot express them”. Shoo!

One of her bestselling pieces includes a hand-made solar system bracelet. Silver in colour, it has an adjustable cuff and is created from rhodium plated brass, glass and other pieces of heaven. The idea is that you are able to stack a range of different types of bracelets together to create the ultimate universe on your arm.

Star Knot 05

Another jewellery designer that has taken inspiration from above is Oksana, who is the owner of Beauty Spot, along with her sister Polina. Polina discovered polymer clay when she was 19 years old. Her hobby soon became a business and as her skills grew, her sister Oksana started helping out.

One of their most popular items is a necklace containing 7 planets, joined together on an antique brass setting. Their Mars necklace, Venus, Jupiter and moon pendants are also very popular. But if pendants aren’t your thing, you can also invest in their gorgeous moon earrings, which are handmade.

These universe inspired jewels add a touch of adventure to your day with their cosmic colours and gorgeous tinges. Stay ahead of this world’s trend by going where no woman has gone before!

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Yūgen Tribe

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Beauty spot

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Kristi Woody – Woody and Pearl

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