Every room needs to be designed to grow with your child!

Kids have an annoying habit! They grow, their tastes change, and the room you spent months designing and saving for, will one day be mundane and not to their (surprisingly different) taste. So designer, Mom, and realist, Louise from Cait’s Room, gives us her top tips for rooms that will grow with your child.

  1. Let’s be honest, no parent aspires to have a kids room that has to be reinvented every couple of years because the breath-taking shade of green they used in the Hulk-inspired bedroom, no longer quite holds the same appeal as it did when little Johnny was 2! There’s a simple solution that appeases both parent and child… introduce themed elements in small doses – accessories, soft furnishings, bedside lamps, even the linen; pieces that are easy and cost effective to replace.
  2. Although many say “keep it neutral and it won’t date”, when it comes to children’s spaces, I tend to disagree. By all means, keep the furniture neutral, choose pieces that will grow with your child; but I’ve yet to meet a wide-eyed wanderer who isn’t absolutely enthralled by a room that harnesses well-placed colour. The trick here though, is to restrict the bursts of colour to accents such as a feature wall, or a creative area in the room; the latter being one of my favourite spaces to design. In this way, you gain a free pass to introduce as much colour and expression as you like, be it with a chalkboard, an art wall, a colourful bunting, a creative table and chairs…all great options that speak to creativity, without dominating the rest of the space.
  3. If your precious little princess absolutely adores pink, and all she dreams of is a Barbie-filled room with bright pink walls, pink curtains AND pink furniture; compromise is your friend! By using the palest of rose pink shades (this year’s pantone is just perfect!) as the base colour, and introducing more mature, contemporary elements such as adjacent pastel grey walls, a rose gold lamp, a beautiful French-inspired dresser with crystal knobs, simple artwork, and natural ash timber furniture; both the princess and her parents will ultimately have a space they can live with for many years to come!
  4. Black and white décor is definitely a trend of the moment, especially when accompanied by the exquisite simplicity of the Scandinavian influence. While quirky and trendy with its geometric lines, cute teepees and hexagon-shaped shelves, the beauty of the natural timber will never date, making this style a great choice for parents who prefer to err on the side of colour caution! With furniture that grows from baby to teen, parents are assured that the initial costly outlay (because Scandi doesn’t come cheap) promises an extended return on investment.
  5. Did someone say wall vinyls? Well we say, bless the inventor of these amazing inventions, for they are the ultimate, low-cost but show-stopping additions to any child’s space. Available in hundreds of trendy shapes, themes, sizes and colours, these clever little stickers have the ability to transform a bare wall into a masterpiece! Tired of it a year from now? Simply peel it off and start again…child’s play!
  6. Parents often upgrade their child’s single bed for a double or even queen as they mature, but furniture pieces such as a window seat with a removable seat cushion, a cube wall unit and occasional chairs, will always stand the test of time. Update the fabric, add a new cushion or two, and you will have a brand new look without the expense.


Regardless of how much or how little is spent on designing the ultimate, timeless kids room, just like adults, little people’s likes and dislikes change and evolve; and as such, the room that they love unconditionally today, will be looked upon with lacklustre indifference at some point in their childhood chapter. It was Stephen Sills who said “agelessness is one of interior design’s greatest fallacies. There really isn’t a space that couldn’t use a makeover every now and then.”

And on that note, here’s to inspiring little minds to greatness!

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Louise Bradbury
About me

Passionate about beautiful spaces, interior design is Louise’s proverbial #happyplace. While pregnant with her (now 16 year old) daughter, Caitlyn (and hence the name Cait's Room), her career in interiors came about through chance when, as a Project Manager, she was scouting the very limited South African market for the perfect pieces for her dream nursery. As a firm believer that every person deserves their very own happy place; a safe space that reflects their unique personality, while fulfilling form, function AND inspiring imagination. Louise spends her days creating gorgeous interiors both high-end and on budget home design projects. When she’s not drowning in fabric and design concepts, you'll find her with her beloved girls, savouring a good glass of vino and penning her autobiography. Actively involved in volunteer work with orphans, Louise is exceptionally excited to be putting together a 'room makeover' initiative with township nursery schools. Louise is available for all interior design, home renovation, decor styling and home staging projects. facebook/caitsroom 0843271975