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5 Inexpensive Ways to Spice up your Living Space

A change of season almost always calls for a little revamp around the home. Unfortunately this change of season doesn’t necessarily mean a change in your finances and redecorating can be painfully expensive, particularly if you’re as picky as I am about your home environment. Never fear, thrift stores have never been more hip than they are today and there are more than enough easy ways you can adorn your home for under R200!

Plants, plants, plants (did we mention plants?)

Not only are they a natural air filtering system, which assist in removing both airborne contaminants and carbon dioxide, but they’re humidifiers too, which drastically contributes to the general health of the home. Aesthetically, they are gorgeous and they’ll add life to a dreary corner of your home within seconds. A hanging creeper, a potted fern, a bamboo shoot in a glass jar – if you’re feeling adventurous why not haul in a whole tree. Even if you don’t have much of a green thumb, succulents are low maintenance and look fabulous on a windowsill.


Relocate furniture

You will be amazed at just how much of a difference moving the chest of drawers to another room makes. Shop within your own home. The kitchen clock probably looks far better on the living room wall, and your collection of green glass Grolsch bottles should really be rearranged every few weeks (preferably into the bin – but we know you’d only be keeping them if they had special meaning – if that’s not the case… toss them – today!). Even something as simple as a slight readjustment of the angle of your furniture will allow your room to open up and will give you a whole new outlook on life – literally. Feng Shui for the win!


Do a bit of DIY 

If you’re feeling creative, think about upcycling some of the junk you have been planning on throwing out for months. You’d be surprised how easily an old colander can be converted into a hanging basket for your fern, or jam jars into lanterns. That wooden barrel you hauled home from a second-hand market can be sawed in half to become two coffee tables, and just add a lamp shade to that bulbous, vintage wine bottle and it could double as a light.


Less is more 

Don’t overcrowd a room. Keep it minimal with one striking centrepiece. Clear tables and countertops, with only a stack of books, a vase of flowers or the bare essentials left behind. Not only will this leave things looking fresh and clean, but you’ll get the chance to sort out some of the clutter which has been clogging up your corners for years. A striking rug in the middle of a room will add a dash of simplistic colour, while one prominent piece of artwork on the wall will catch attention far better than it would have in an overcrowded room.


Throws, cushions and curtains

Once again, these could be transferred from another part of your home, dug out of the recesses of your linen cupboard or even nabbed from the local market. If the natural upholstery of your couches is clashing with the living room look you’re going for, a simple throw can change the entire situation in seconds. Ensure your cushions match the look and feel and you’ll be set. Replace your curtains at the change of the season. Summer calls for light feathery drapes, while heavy double-layered curtains will keep your house well insulated throughout the cold winter months – saving you cash on heating too.


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