Murder in the Wild Fig Tree

If you have taken a meander down Old Main Road in Hillcrest, stopping, as is required, at a traffic light every 100metres, you will know there is ample time to survey the surrounding landscape and shops. The large property, that belongs to Wild Fig Tree, and that has always attracted my attention is generally festooned in fairy lights at night, and in bright Christmas lights and decorations over December. The homely feel of the property has always made me wary to enter, as if I would be interrupting Aunty Agnes at tea. Possibly in her bathrobe. Definitely with curlers still tangled in her gray locks.

However if you travel just a little way down the road to Builders Way, Wild Fig Tree has a secondary, much larger space filled with delicious delights. Sharing a common parking area with other home decorating shops and in fact sharing an entrance with the Lou Harvey Factory shop, one is lulled into thinking that it’s just another seller of small glassware items. But then all at once, you move through an archway and opening up before you is a veritable warehouse of sense snatching items. Home and garden ware, hardwood furniture, lighting in all shapes and sizes, soft furnishings and (of course) glassware all compete for your attention.

I wandered dazedly down the aisles examining my lipstick in mosaic encrusted mirrors, picturing myself sipping tea from the delicate Maxwell Williams tea cups and envisioning a Cluedo-esque murder with hefty, weighted silver candlesticks. Granted the last one was rather macabre but I was wearing dark red lipstick, like all good villains. Well not all good villains, just Cruella de Ville and the Joker.

The front of the area houses an enormous amount of décor and home furnishings and it is definitely an area you will want to browse. At length. There are small hidden gems everywhere and the idea of clutter definitely springs to mind. This means that a swift glance around the room just isn’t going to cut it, and you will need to take your time to hunt for treasure. Luckily as the area is so large, you won’t ever feel rushed or hemmed in by other browsers or the assistants, who are on hand with advice and help should you look lost or befuddled in any way.

My secret delight and best find of the day was a Canopy chair. Reeking of Alice in Wonderland I was hard pressed not to climb into it immediately and settle in with a good book. With many of the furniture items imported from Indonesia, there is a strong congruence of style with the African market and the in-house carpenters at Wild Fig Tree spend an enormous of time finishing and restoring items as per the client’s individual specifications.

Finally a truly unique and fabulous item was a raised Java Dog Bed, one of three Doggie Beds. Be gone with those ugly tractor tyre dog beds and moth-eaten raggedy blankets. You can order it online and have it delivered so that Fido (or in my case Hera the spoilt-avo-eating-child-licking-scary-sounding Rottweiler), can finally sleep in the bed they were clearly born to have. What more could anyone ask for?
031 765 7766
7 Builders Way, Hillcrest, KZN

  • July 23, 2015
Philippa Rose-Tite
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