Man Cave Must Haves

No, a man cave is not just a cave that’s built for men. It’s a sanctuary, a hide-out if you will, a sacred space in which the man is free to simply be the man. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t be as stylish as every other part of the house so read below for some inspiration on must-have man cave accessories.

The space is cleared, and the biggest fear is that the man-cave will turn into some dingy, dark area loaded with fearful (and tasteless) debris, but these are the tools that will help make his man-cave marvellous…

Comfortable seating

Whether it’s a throne-like armchair, high quality bar stools, a futon, a chaise lounge or a three-piece sectional sofa, every man-cave needs a cosy place for the man to sit, eat, drink, chat and think. We recommend choosing something made of leather; like a good whisky, it only gets better with time.


A man-cave without a bar is simply no man-cave at all. Fortunately, that’s all there is to it. Stocking it up with some quality booze, glasses, bottle openers and an ice machine leaves no reason for the man to feel he ever has to go out for a drink again. If there’s no space for a bar, he can go Mad Men style with a kitted-out bar trolley.


Interactive activities

One of the main reasons the man wants his own space is so that he can perform manly activities. By that I mean play pool, darts, foosball, poker, pin ball or video games. You know, the type of thing he likes to do with ‘the guys’. We are a fan of supporting these kinds of activities because it not only keeps said man out of trouble, but it allows us a lot more time for our own activities!


Good lighting

Lighting is what sets the mood in any kind of room and it’s no different in the man-cave. If the man is going for dark and mysterious, he should opt for standing or wall lamps. Industrial type lamps will work too. If he’s trying to replicate his favourite bar then a disco ball and neon lights and signs are the way to go. If he wants to keep it old school, there’s nothing wrong with some good old fairy lights to create that homey vibe. Alternatively, he can create his own lighting using recycled alcohol bottles, tyres, pool balls or even skateboards… the opportunities are endless.


Good sound

The man is a curious creature and occasionally he just needs to block the world out (as we all do). So turning up the volume when he’s watching his favourite action movie without anyone whining about turning it down is probably what he enjoys most about his man-cave. This means the man is going to need a kick-ass sound and entertainment system, with good speakers and a universal remote.



Last but not least, the man cave needs to feel as though it belongs to the man. He should add a few of his favourite things, including sports memorabilia, movie posters, specialised wallpaper, photographs, trinkets and whatever else to make this space truly his own.



Still need more inspiration? Check out this gorgeous man cave in Taiwan:



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