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The World on a Silver Platter

Who remembers the TV show Relic Hunter? If you don’t, think: Lara Croft with less sci-fi action and more awesome artefacts.  As a kid I used to love watching that show and dreamed of trotting the globe myself to hunt for exquisite artefacts people would pay thousands for.

It’s this childhood enchantment that probably explains why the following Kramerville stores are my go-to destinations when looking for something unique for a client.  They’ve already taken the long flights and fought the mummies for me.  All that’s left for me to do is stroll through their cool, perfumed stores and pick my off the shelves.


Product: Furniture, Artifacts, Art


Style:  If I had to choose a style to try and explain what you can expect to find there, I’d have to go with a very broad African.  But Amatuli are spot on when they say that trying to pin down their style would be like trying to bottle adventure.

“Everything we buy is original, handcrafted and created with skills long forgotten.  The store is an eclectic treasure trove where each item tells a story of craft and maker. To us, an object without a story is meaningless.”

They’re masters at telling the real deal from a modern-day copy and can even provide you with information on the tribal and functional heritage of their one-of-a-kind items. Although they traditionally source African art, they have also expanded their trade routes to Asia.

Shop here if you: aren’t a cookie-cutter kind of person and appreciate handcrafted African artefacts with meaning.  Amatuli sell to both public and trade.

Begin With The End In Mind

Product:  Wood Furniture, Local Custom-Made Couches, Decor


Style:  Here’s another eclectic house of fun, but with a strong modern and industrial slant.  “Our furniture is very different from anything else,” says co-owner Jayson Beck.

“We source some of our things from Indonesia, but we also have a strong focus on current trends. At the moment the retro, New York apartment type furniture is very popular.  We’ve also had an amazing response to our concrete and resin furniture.”

Due to this diverse style, both decorators and consumers with an eye on current trends will likely find a couple of things that resonate with them.  The best part is that you can have the locally produced furniture custom made.

Shop here if you: are anything from a young professional to a retiree and are looking for a different take on current trends.

Halogen House 

Product: Fabrics, Wallpapers 


Style:  Because they’re good at what they do, they cater to any taste.  Showroom Manager Portia Maleka sums up current and seasonal trends as follows:

“Linen will always be a classic, which is why we brought in an affordable linen look.  It’s more durable than linen and doesn’t lose its shape the way linen does, but it also doesn’t have the polyester shine you often see with these fabrics.”

They’re also finding more and more people looking for bold patterns to liven up their linens.  Not just a scatter or two, mind you.

“People want to do entire rooms in beautiful, colourful designs – chairs, couches, walls and curtains.  We want to make it affordable for them.”

Shop here if you: are looking for designer fabrics.  If you’re looking for beautiful fabrics at affordable prices, you’re also at the right place. Halogen House sell to trade only, but have a bargain basement where they sell off cuts and rolls to the public.

Zara’s Halaal Foods 


Product:  Breakfast (they open at 6:30), Lunch and Snacks in the form of Curries, Bunny Chows, Pap and Meat, Salads

Style: Café style take away and informal al fresco sit-down.  Their food is made on the premises, which means the kitchen is pumping and the food is really good!

Eat here if you: need to refuel with a cold drink and a bag of super affordable samosas during a long day of relic hunting.

Belinda Fourie
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