6 Couches we love

How to make sure you’re getting the couch you love / 6 Couches we love and how to know if they suit your home

They say home is where the heart is… but as an interior decorator, home owner and general comfort loving human being, I put it to you, that home is where the couch is.

What form that home-making couch or sofa takes, however, is entirely up to the dweller’s personal taste and needs.  We’ve selected five couches that we love, and we’re pretty sure you’ll like them too, but before you lose your heart on any one of them, carefully assess your couch needs to make sure you’re getting the couch that will lure you home and keep you happy. 

What to look for when buying a couch

The couch and sofa options available from local stores and online retailers are endless, and some of them, like Sutherlands Home Furnishings (SHF) and @home, even allow you to customise certain aspects of your couch.

If you can’t find exactly what you want, in the shape, size and colour you want however, remember that you can always have your ideal furniture piece made through a reputable interior decorator.



Practicality trumps beauty here, because if it’s not suited to your purposes, it won’t be beautiful for long anyway.  Consider the location of the piece and the inhabitants of the home.  If it’s likely to be frequented by dirty hands and messy meals, you’ll want to select a fabric colour that won’t show dirt easily and a fabric composition that can be spot cleaned.

In terms of texture, consider whether your dogs or cats will leave their hair on a soft velvet or felt, or sharpen their nails on a rough linen texture.  Some textures are unfortunately completely irresistible to our furry family members.


Filling a room with a furniture that quite literally fills the room, is one of the most common decorating mistakes.  Negative space gives your furniture the space to come into its own, so you’ll need to take measurements of the planned space before setting off to the shops or decorator.

Carefully consider the depth, width and height of the space you want to place your couch in, and remember that furniture shouldn’t be pushed right up against the walls.  It also shouldn’t be so long that it sticks out on the side of the wall, or so wide that there isn’t a comfortable walkway.


Height & Size

You may like a grand statement piece that has a presence in your home, but it may not be the correct fit to turn your house into a home.  Even if you’ve meticulously planned your dimensions, you still need to consider whether the chosen item will dwarf in comparison to the furniture you already have, or more likely, tower out above it.

Don’t forget, the seating height of all the pieces should more or less align.

That brings you to style.


Even though couches can be customised to fit a certain space, it’s a bad idea to turn a Chesterfield, for example, into compact seating for a bachelor’s flat.  The style is quite simply larger than the dimensions you carefully reduced.

Also consider whether the style couch you want fits in with the overall style of your home and other furniture.  Mixing styles can create interest, but mixing styles that are too different, or doing so without purpose, is the makings of a poorly decorated room.

Couches We Love

#1 Couch: Pilotis Sofa in grey or burnt orange


We love it because: It has definite mid-century and Scandinavian design elements with exposed wood and clean lines.  It’s a compact contemporary piece with a classic flair in the form of the sloping arms that remind you of a Cabriole style sofa.  Understated, it will look good in most spaces.

Get it:  Generation Design

#2 Couch: Lucerne 3 Seater in cream linen


We love it because: It’s a classic, comfortable piece with versatility. The Lawson arms and exposed wooden feet gives it just the touch of formality it needs to be a relaxed lounge showpiece.

Get It: Block & Chisel

#3 Couch: 3 Seater Camel Back in teal, beige or blue velvet


We love it because: It’s not your typical Camel Back.  This is a great option if you’re looking for something grand and stately, but don’t want to overpower the space.

Get it: Block & Chisel

#4 Couch: Tokyo 3 Seater Sofa in brown leather


We love it because: It’s a fantastic mix of two classic and one contemporary style. The deep buttoned leather reminds one of the popular Chesterfield couch, but due to the simple, square lines of the Tuxedo style couch, it’s much less invasive.  The slightly slanted arms and thin, mid-century feet keeps it contemporary, which will allow one to mix it with a variety of styles.

Get it: @home

#5 Couch: Bentley Sofa in purple, yellow and orange velvet


We love it because: Essentially in the classic Chesterfield style, but with sloping arms and colourful fabric, it’s a great modernisation of an old favourite.  This is a large, impressive piece, but a relatively shallow height and depth means it will slot it well with current modern pieces such as tub chairs.

Get it: Block & Chisel

#6 Couch: SHF Bentley in various colours or fabric

We love it because: It’s in the classic English Roll Arm sofa style and the lack of intricate design details means it will always have a place in your home. It’s also unlikely to be too smug or too informal, should you need to move it to another room.  In addition, your order is customisable, which is not all that common at homeware stores.

Get it: Sutherland Home Furnishings

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