Feng shui your kitchen

Now that we know what classical feng shui is and how we can incorporate it into our bedrooms, it’s time to look at (what we think is) the heart of the home, aka the kitchen.

Ask any homeowner which area of their home they love the most and chances are they’ll say it’s the kitchen. Why? Because heavenly smells emanate from here, it is in this room that memories are made, and a sense of family and community is often embraced here. What’s more, the kitchen is an incredibly important space when it comes to feng shui.


Food is what nourishes us and gives us energy to face each day, therefore, it’s vital that the space in which that food is prepared, the kitchen, is located in a suitable sector of the home. In ideal situations (ones in which we can build a home from scratch), a feng shui consultant will look at the property and what energies reside in each area. This is done by looking at where the natal or annual flying stars are located (feng shui stars, not the ones that dazzle overhead) and then the five elements (water, fire, earth, wood and metal) are assigned according to which sector needs those elements to influence qi. The kitchen should be located in a sector that ensures the vibrant health of the larger area’s residents.


Contrary to popular belief, that sector is not the centre of the home. “The kitchen should never be in the Heavenly Heart [centre] of the home as this sector is passive where the qi flow should be peaceful and subtle,” explains feng shui practitioner Lisa Keighley. “Placing the kitchen here is like burning the heart of the property. It creates long term instability, and niggling health issues. The kitchen is best placed in one of the side sectors of the home.”


The most important factor to consider, after the location of the kitchen, is the placement of the stove. According to Lisa, the following four things should be avoided if you want to ensure positive qi in your kitchen:

1. A stove on an island or in the centre of the kitchen. Despite being uber contemporary and popular in images of kitchens online, a stove in the centre of the kitchen is very bad for feng shui. When the stove is placed here, it is exposed to qi from all angles, possibly activating a negative qi which then causes unwanted health issues. The stove, therefore, should be placed against a wall for stability.

2. A stove placed directly in front of a door. Again, this exposes the stove, to all sorts of qi which enters the home from the outside.


3. A stove placed below a beam. This causes a fluctuation of suppressive qi which could influence your food and therefore the health of the people eating that food.

4. A stove placed directly opposite a sink. “This situation is clearly a case of Fire and Water clashing and the health of the residents will be affected. You can easily solve it by putting an island or console table between the two to avert the clash,” suggests Lisa.

Two other things Lisa advises you do, in order to ensure that the qi balance is maintained is to maintain the home (don’t allow that leaky tap to stay leaky for six months) and keep things clutter free (store random utensils in baskets and boxes for easy access and wash up and put things away immediately). But more importantly, be proud of your kitchen and the things you have in there. If your personal qi is positive, there’s no reason why the space around you won’t be positive too!

Image Credits: Kitchen 3-5: Lisa Keighley, Kitchen 6Kitchen 7

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