Dokter and Misses

Dokter and Misses questions BigCityLife’s answers to life, the universe and… well everything.
We love their answers!

D&M: Do you like ice cream? Do you like the sea side? Do you like seaside + ice cream?
BCL: Yes! Yes! Yes!

D&M: Would you copy other designers? 
BCL: Not as long as there is breath in my body.

D&M: Who can teach us a thing or two about product colonialism?
BCL: China

D&M: Do you think Margaret Thatcher is sexy?
BCL: I take the fifth

D&M: Will you smoke in bed? 
BCL: Never!

D&M: Yellow blue and? 
BCL: Red

D&M: Will you dance to techno?
BCL: Always!

D&M: Who needs to be cloned for the better of the world?   
Nelson Mandela

D&M: Will you ever become a rock star?
BCL: Maybe…

D&M: How much money did Oprah make last year?
BCL: I don’t know – honest
Photos via Dokter and Misses

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