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Five reasons why a desk in a shared office space may be better than a table at your nearest coffee shop

You’ve kissed corporate suits and 9-5ers goodbye and have been working from home for more than two months. Congratulations!  Unfortunately, you’ve probably realised that despite the benefits of working from home in sweatpants and slippers (no boss peering over your shoulder, no traffic, no funky office smells and crude jokes), it presents its own challenges.  Challenges that hamper your productivity and that your office-bound friends may not appreciate.

Working coffee shops have become exceedingly popular as an alternative for this group of people.  They’re normally quite hipster and have good coffee and free Wi-Fi.  But they also have non-working patrons and you may find yourself shaking from ordering copious amounts of coffee, and later even lunch, to make up for just sitting there using their Wi-Fi and electricity.


Enter the shared office space

These are office buildings where anyone can rent a desk for an hour, a day or a month, and the neatly cater for an increasing number of people who no longer “go into work” but still need to get work done.  If they’re any good, you may be surprised to find they’re every bit as cool as a coffee shop.

Here are some of the advantages of booking yourself a desk in one of these popular spaces over heading to your local coffee shop.


#1 Free Facilities

Say your business has grown and you need to employ more staff. Working from the boss’s home will never be fun for your employees and at some point, five people pitching up at the corner café with suits and laptops is going to get awkward.

Because you’re already paying to be at a shared office space, you usually don’t need to fork out additional cash for your cappuccinos, which makes a lot of sense since you’ve hired that new staff member who fuels on caffeine alone.

Fast Wi-Fi and the use of a printer-scanner-copier is normally also included in the fee.  Bargain if you don’t have them at home.


#2 You look (and act) professional

Chances are, when you’ve arrived at your desk properly dressed and working in a space with other people who are properly dressed, you’re less likely to start watching YouTube or taking a quick nap. Shared office spaces offer an organised, conducive work environment without the distraction of work related questions and office politics.

Many of these co-working spaces have dedicated boardrooms or meeting areas.  This means you don’t need to discuss sensitive issues while fending off helpful waiters or cute pets.  It also allows you to plug into the correct equipment when presenting instead of asking your potential investors to huddle up and peer into your 14” screen.

Plus, if your very important clients see a bunch of dressed, clever looking people walking around, it may even make your operation appear larger than it really is. Bonus!


#3 Networking

Unless you visit a communal office dedicated to a specific profession, you’re likely to share your space with people from different industries. This creates excellent networking and community support opportunities.  You’re probably spending more time with these people than you typically would with your IT support guy or legal advisor.  So if you happen to work with an IT guru or lawyer, you’d get to know their work ethic and may even decide to make use of or recommend their services.  Don’t forget that the same goes for your services!


#4 Free Crowdsourcing

Working closely with people who have opinions, no personal agendas and don’t give a hoot whether they flatter or insult you, could be a valuable source of market research or out-of-the-box ideas.


#5 Stimulating Environment

The final reason why you may prefer co-working is if it’s a well thought out facility, it will have an aesthetically pleasing and creatively stimulating environment.

We’re talking about things such as comfortable desk to chair ratio, pretty décor, stimulating colours and perhaps even a foosball table.

If you have the need get up and stretch your legs, while having a non-work related chit-chat and good coffee with a co-worker you don’t have to work with, without having to ask the waiter to watch your stuff, a shared office space may be for you.


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