Decadent Durban

Durban is known for many things. It’s gorgeous beaches, long beautiful promenade that practically begs you to take a slow stroll, the rolling sugar cane fields and the tropical weather – just to name a few.

But what those who aren’t privy to the secrets of this coastal town don’t know, is that Durban is full to the brim with delectable decadence and we have five of our favourites for you here!


Brand spanking new, Story is quietly nestled in Lumsden Crescent in Morningside. The setting is gorgeous – being the in the grounds of a boutique hotel- and there is plenty of poolside seating for lazy Saturday afternoons.


At first I was totally baffled by the miniscule menu, how could it be so small, but then we tried the food. It’s simply exquisite, and so beautifully presented. Starters consist of only 3 options, with a few more mains and a couple of desserts, but the group I went with all managed more than happily! I won’t give it away – the food really does speak for itself and it’s worth every single morsel!

The service was also exceptional on the night we visited, despite being 20 minutes late for our reservation!

Head Chef, Damain Veneruso, has great plans for his venerable kitchen. Although only open since 2016, Damain would like to be recognised as one of the Top 10 restaurants in South Africa by October this year, and if it was up to us, he already would be!


As a perfect counter-point to the newness of Story, Market is no stranger to the Durban scene. The menu is exquisite. I have eaten here more times than I can count, and yet I am still surprised by how good the food is, and how well put together the menu options are – especially for fussy people. The freshly made juices are a must try, and as you sit in the Parisienne-style courtyard and listen to the tinkling of the water fountain, as the lights sparkle in the trees, there really can be no finer experience. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you have to make sure that you visit Market at least once on your sojourn to the wavy shores.

Wicked Donuts

Two words! Nutella Donut! This should end here, because really what else can you possibly say after imagining the simple delight of donuts and Nutella. Together! It’s like taking a bite of a unicorn mane!


The names of their beautifully well-made range just roll off the tongue. Caramel Sutra, Dulche De Leche, Berry Bella, the list goes on. This is the kind of treat that you have to try when you visit the balmy shores of KZN. Everything is made locally, and these American style donuts offer a sweet experience that you can’t miss.


You know when you visit a restaurant and they have one or two sad and lonely vegetarian dishes (that are cooked on the steak grill!), well ChilliPlum has one or two lonely meat dishes! It’s a great switcharoo! I’m no Vegan. I tried, honestly… but… bacon. That said though, I do enjoy well-made Vegan food and ChilliPlum is entirely responsible for that!


The menu is well considered and balanced but our favourites are the mushroom burger (made from actual mushrooms – no meat at all!) and for dessert you simply can’t do better than the Avocado Chocolate Mousse. Or the Vegan chocolate cake. Or the Vegan brownies. Ugh! Just dessert! Just visit and eat dessert! All the dessert! You don’t have to be discerning here at all!


Walk into this unassuming container on Durban beachfront and you would be forgiven for your low expectations. It is, after all, no matter how well dressed, a container on the beachfront. And that’s exactly what the locals want you to think because it guarantees shorter lines. Afro’s specialises in chicken. Their menu is small. Chicken pieces, burgers, chicken salad and strips. But me oh my! It’s chicken like you haven’t had before. This is a level of street food that you rarely come across and it’s worth it! The food is impressively inexpensive, simple, clean and delicious!


And talking of decadence – when you next visit the golden shores, stay somewhere just a little different. From luxury high-end lodges to the more quaint eco-homes, tree houses, boutique hotels and B&B’s, Durban’s luxury doesn’t stop at the food! Your gastronomic adventure is only complete when you sink into the luxury of your chosen bed for the night.

Good food, beautiful vistas and luxurious accommodation! What more could you ask for?

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