I love pretty. I love clever. But pretty, clever and sarcastic together are the trifecta! And when it’s to be found nestled in a totally unexpected place, why I get tingly all over.

I hadn’t visited Damask before. Maybe it was the stuffed to the gills shop. Maybe it was the look of the place (over-priced and precious in my opinion), or maybe it was because I just couldn’t get my head around the name. Damask. I mean really is it DAM-ask, or is it dam-ASK? But one rainy Tuesday while my offspring were setting up a permanent home in the next door froyo shop I wandered in ready to scoff and guffaw at the stock and the pricing. I wasn’t completely disappointed. The simply beautiful range of cotton pyjamas are just that. Gorgeous, beautiful and they look comfortable beyond belief. They are however, priced at a similar rate to the national debt of a small African country. Similarly the elite bath and body range, Charlotte Rhys. Now maybe it’s because I am a farm girl and my parents raised me to have a healthy respect of the earned rand, but I can’t get my head around blowing R145 on bath oil, the equivalent to a full day’s work for some gardeners in South Africa. Feeling rather dispirited, if vindicated and a touch smug, I took a meander round to the opposite side of the store, full to the brim with smaller odds and ends.

I had to catch myself as my smugness faded and I oohed and aahed over some of the coolest ‘stuff’ I have seen since my last trip to New York. Witty little pillboxes, notepads and fridge magnets with acerbic sayings and high art images, the more accessibly priced, and still sensually divine Yum Body range. The list goes on, and while my sticky faced offspring glued their noses to the window trying to find me, I merely ignored them as I was absorbed into this beautiful world of smart, funny and gorgeous design.

Having recently acquired possibly the best looking nephew in existence, James (or Jamie), I was immediately taken with the iconic range of Beatrix Potter items and useful, but still pretty baby goods. Baby clothes with a classic twist, piggy banks with class and an air of cool that was, to put it simply, unexpected.

Damask does stock the classic and infinitely classy range of clothing, silk flowers (that frankly had me stroking them continuously as they looked so real) vases, silver candlesticks and aprons that wouldn’t look out of place at your grandmothers (if she was cool and funky), but don’t ignore this lovely little shop because of your perceptions. Never has a store had me more convinced that a book shouldn’t be read by its cover. With their Christmas range already on the shelves, you can be sure to find an unexpected something, that tickles your funny bone and sprinkles just a little magic on your home.

t: 0317653419
a: Shop A9 Lillies Quarter, Old Main Road, Hillcrest

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Director | Wordsmith ~ Philippa worked her proverbial rear-end off to gain her MBA in 2006, while working full time, getting married, and having 2 babies. Though not regretting it, it certainly taught her how under-appreciated the art of juggling can be. After having worked in a number of sales and operational roles, she got tired of making money for other people and now only works with people and companies she loves. Her company is Purple Raindrop and they are a BigCityLife Partner on all things fabulous.


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