Cushion Love for the Soul

– a Rouse by any other name…
Show your home some love with these Stylish & Unique Cushions by Dawn Rouse

Bring the outside in, with these fabulous cushions!

Cushions are one of those décor items that have the potential to revitilise a sorry looking couch at the snap of your fingers, or make that guest bed look like you could find sweet slumber without a care in the world. Not only are cushions an easy and affordable way to update your home, but they are very available at many stores.  However, not all cushions are created equal and if you are looking to update your home with something a little outside the norm (so as to differentiate yourself from Mrs Jones next door) then you will just love these one-of-a-kind cushions, by Dawn Rouse.

Dawn, a freelance photographer in Durban, uses the plants and flowers she’s shot (from her very own garden) for the design of the cushions, which are all 60 X 60. If her name rings a bell, you may have seen some of her work at a few galleries and local interior decorators. Although the cushions are a new endeavor, with the first run of fabric printed around September last year, the Aloes are proving to be a huge hit and have set quite a trend, not to mention the Delicious Monster!

And if you’re needing a little something extra to match your cushions, Dawn does table cloths and runners, which can be custom made to size. The fabric is digitally printed on 230gm 100% pure cotton. It is then washed, steamed and dried so there is no shrinkage or running of colours once the finished product arrives! In fact they wash like a dream!

Dawn says that she is hoping to do a new theme or two in a couple of months which could include flowers and possibly some ocean designs, drawing on her inspiration from nature and bringing the “outside in” to make homes more beautiful.  Living in KZN with not only the beautiful indigenous flora, but also the gorgeous sea-scapes, it’s a little like inspiration central!

And what about price? Dawn says quality is at the forefront of what she’s producing, and though a ton of research went into acceptable pricing by the consumer, ultimately the cushions came in at a mid-range costing. So – as Goldilocks would say – just right then!

Dawn is hoping to expand her business into the Joburg and Cape Town markets as well as to expats abroad longing for a little unique South African touch. Her cushion range are also loved by foreigners wanting to take a piece of our wild flora and fauna home from our sunny shores.


For any enquiries and product info, contact Dawn on the below details:
Dawn: 0823053068
Email Dawn

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