The Cats Pajamas is in fact it’s Whiskers!

When I was a wee lass I did ballet… like many other wee lasses.   And if you were required to pirouette, arabesque or even plié, the place to go for all things dance was “The Cats Whiskers”. You name it… you could get it here, even custom made masks and outfits. I eventually outgrew my love for ballet and forgot all about this beautiful shop as I moved onto other hobbies like make up, clothes and parties. Not to mention boys.

Years later, after marrying and buying our dream home, I visited my local shopping center only to discover my past loves namesake – the Cats Whiskers!!! Could it be? Surely not! Not surprisingly it was not the lovely dance apparel store that I frequented when I was young. It had grown up too! It is now the most delightful gifting store that I had ever set my pretty little eyes on! They stock anything and everything from kitchen-ware, to gifting and even furniture and unusual baubles for the home.


Although the store is small, it is beautifully balanced and well decorated with its many quality items and eclectic little knick knacks. Their displays are stunning and chances are if you go inside, you will come out with something, even if it’s not the bread and milk you left the house for! It is by far the store we frequent the most and is most certainly our go to shop for last minute gifts on the way to a birthday party.

One of the reasons I love it so much, is the inspiration they give, in the form of their super friendly staff and an owner who is always eager to help. The cherry on top is the gift wrapping. I swear I would buy something just to have it wrapped as they are totally the masters of wrap! With crystals, ribbons and the whole enchilada.


It’s not just a girl thing by the way. My husband loves this store too and has frequented it himself to purchase gifts. The Cats Whiskers is simply one of those feel good stores and even if you have an iron constitution and walk out without buying a thing, you will walk away feeling lighter and just so happy for being inside this little place of magic.

I still wonder what ever happened to that little dance store, and I guess I’ll never know, but if you’re in the market for a good gift and a pleasant shopping experience, pay the Cats Whiskers in Lonehill a visit. You won’t be disappointed.

Charlotte Kearsey
About me

Charlotte, also known as Charlie, is a freelance Social Media Architect and Blogger. After nearly 20 years working in the IT and Marketing fields, she now spends her days as a Stay [WORK] at Home Mom and Director of Home Affairs. Fueled by coffee; and with a passion for anything creative and completely random, she hopes to make a difference in the world, albeit small. And she loves rocks and might be a tad ADHD.


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