Talking about the city I grew up in, could be tiresome. Mostly for the people who have to listen to my endless rambling about how beautiful Church Square is, how great it is to experience the city buzz and the great coffee you just can’t help imbibing.

To different people, living in the city means different things. But to me it means one thing;


Between modern skyscrapers, old buildings, rooftops, street shops and sidewalks  you constantly stumble across hidden gems that only those who truly wander seem to find. Each building has a story to tell and with each camera snap, you lose your heart a little bit more.

Market@theSheds at 012 Central in Pretoria CBD, has succeeded in capturing a taste of the city. A market filled with good food, a variety of local artists and designers and a vibe that gets your feet dancing, or at least tapping when you settle down for a bite.


Capital Collective started the Market as part of their inner-city revival project and it has since become a local fixture every last Saturday of the month. The market aims to change the general view of our inner-city, giving a platform to local artisans, designers and musicians to showcase their talent and encouraging people to get to the city.

The backdrop of Pretoria is alive, buzzing with commuters and city-slickers and there is beauty everywhere, from the Post Office on Church Square to the old Rasta-man at the State Theatre. A camera is a definite must and a good cup of coffee never hurt either. Put your adventure boots on and go exploring. Nothing more and nothing less, no commitment, no plans, just explore.

And when at the end of the day you find yourself standing in awe on a rooftop, towering over the lights that colour the streets as the sun sets and you can’t believe that this is the city you grew up in, embrace that moment, breathe it in and feel the city rush through your veins. Take in the sounds, the sights and the stories that turn the mundane into the extraordinary. This is the rush that drives us, that makes us who we are and that fires the deepest parts of our souls. This is living in the city.

This is adventure.

Photos: Belinda van der Merwe Photography

Belinda Van der Merwe
About me

I’m a lover of all things creative, photography enthusiast and writer. After I finished my degree in Drama from Tukkies, life has been an open road filled with beauty, excitement and lots of happy snaps. I love nature and roadtrips and when we get the chance to hike, we take to the mountains. Pretoria is in my blood but my heart is grounded in our beautiful country. As long as I can travel, take photos and experience new things, I am in my happy place.


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