Bargain Basement Home Fabrics

Bargain Basement Fabrics For Your Home Reno

Nothing beats a high quality, high-end designer home fabric – even better if it’s imported.  The pure, luxurious fibers, combined and woven to just the right consistency to create a flowing curtain or crunchy scatter.  Usually the very best ones also have beautiful designs woven into the fabric, or embroidered onto it.  The whole process is a sort of alchemy whereby you end up with rolls and rolls of different types of gold to adorn your home with.

Sometimes, however, all you need is a tiny piece. You need 250mm when the fabric house only sells 1 meter or more.  Or all you’re looking for is an affordable, sometimes durable, piece of good looking fabric for a quick project.  We’re talking about a project that isn’t intended to become a home décor centerpiece – the annual reupholstering of the fifthly dining room chairs in a plain neutral, or the little room that desperately needs a quick blind for some privacy.

Where to find affordable fabrics for your small home project

For those sorts of home renovation projects, fabric bargain basements are your best friend.  They’re not usually easy to find – information that gets passed on from a friend’s cousin’s decorator.  Or an obscure little store you just stumble upon one day when you don’t need it, and then promptly forget where you saw it when you need it again.

So, because we kind of view ourselves as your friend in home decorating, we’re giving you the quick on bargain basement fabrics for your home renovation projects.


Annual Fabric House Sales – National

Most fabric houses, such as Hertex and U&G Fabrics , have annual sales where they sell directly to the public at great discounts. They may not quite be your bargain basement type of prices, but they’re definitely your fabric house kind of fabrics, which makes up for the price difference by yards!  Keep your eye on their websites or ask your decorator to let you know when the next sale is on.

Halogen House Bargain Basement – Johannesburg

Halogen House is known for its gorgeous, high quality home décor fabrics, and the fact that they try to bring it to the trade at a reasonable price.  Their permanent 70% off bargain basement, below their Johannesburg showroom then, is an extension of this to the public.  Find them at 8 Desmond Street, Kramerville and be sure to check out their main showroom while you’re there.

Tessa Sonnik Fabrics Bargain Basement – Johannesburg & Cape Town

Tessa Sonnik certainly has some of the most unique fabrics for home decorating, so their bargain basement is sure to offer something a little out of the ordinary, even for your quick little home reno project.  The Tesse Sonnik showrooms are based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, but you can place your bargain basement fabric order online. (


 Exquisite Cuts and The Fabric House – Johannesburg, Cape Town, Ballito

This bargain basement prides itself on being able to select the finest quality, beautiful end of range or offcut fabrics from local fabric houses.  So, if any of the fabrics look familiar, it’s probably because they are.  Although you may not always find enough to recover a couch with, you’ll find something stunning to add to it. Visit Exquisite Cuts in Johannesburg at 3 Desmond Street, Kramerville; and The Fabric House in Cape Town at 206 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock; and in Ballito at 2A Silverstone Way, Douglas Crowe Drive.

Naz’s Fabrics – Johannesburg

Now this truly is one of those little places you may never actually stumble across unless you know the industry.  A little birdy told me that this is where many of Joburg’s upholsterers get their fabric from.  The reasoning: Save on a hardwearing couch fabric and splurge on the scatters and curtains from fabric houses.  The fabric may not come with the bump count and quality guarantee you’ll get at fabric houses, but it’s certainly worth checking out at 168 Main Reef Road, Johannesburg.

If you’re keen to save a load on fabric and try out bargain basement stores, but scared of making the wrong decision, most decorators would be more than willing to accompany you to these stores and offer their guidance.

Happy hunting!

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