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Our editorial focus is primarily on design, décor, restaurants, venues, hotels, things to do, events, property and secret city guides while living life in an aspirational and wholly supported stylish environment.BigCityLife has a strong emphasis on amusing, fun and engaging content. We are the independent, on-line media portal that provides a gateway for entrepreneurs and other start-ups to reach an engaged, educated audience. In addition we offer our corporate advertisers a space to connect and talk to the people of South Africa in an honest, old fashioned way.We have a strict policy of only working with people, designers, brands and organisation’s that resonate with BigCityLife and embrace our vision.


Our readers are sophisticated and design obsessed urbane city dwellers. We engage with readers from LSM 6-10, and have a 75/25 Female / Male split. Most of our readers are South African, with less than 9% coming from European / American countries, and approximately 13% from African countries. 

Why has BigCityLife structured advertising the way we have?

That’s a great question! Thanks for asking! People no longer buy from adverts, from companies or perceived big business. They buy from people… and they do this because their best friend recommended the shop, they eat at a certain restaurant because their book club talked about it and said it was amazing. They holiday in a certain place because their best friend went there and they don’t want to be left behind.  The point is – people no longer trust advertising. They trust the recommendations of their network, and BigCityLife…. we are the ultimate bff. We show people cool places, aspirational homes, the incredible places to eat, the chilled places to holiday and the best things to spend our hard earned cash on. We are the network, we are the neighbour, we are the mom, the sister, the best friend. We are – in short – who more than 10 million people a month trust and come and visit everyday.

if your dreams dont scare you they are not BIG enough!

Our team


Ingrid Alice Irsigler

Creative Director | Photographer

Indy rebel creative director and photographer challenging
conventional thinking from SA to NYC. Ingrid is an internationally published & award winning creative high end fashion, portrait & commercial photographer who has her feet firmly on the ground and her aesthetic in Wonderland. A true-to-life marketing leader, her approach to brand development and image creation has been shaped by over 2 decade’s in the international design and marketing world. Her practice is grounded in engaging concept driven design and bold advertising strategies. A whimsical flower child with a rock and roll soul. LOVES horses, vintage cameras, travel and tea.


Philippa Rose-Tite

Marketing Magi | Wordsmith

Philippa is the passionate owner of Purple Raindrop, a boutique brand building and marketing agency based in the rolling Valley of a Thousand Hills. Nineteen years in sales and marketing provided the foundation for the launch of Purple Raindrop and she has been working with customer marketing concept development and implementation ever since.  Philippa’s true love is the written word in any and all its forms and she is resolute in her belief that great copy elevates brand engagement beyond the mundane. This extends into the world of social media where Philippa and her company lead the charge in taking brands to the next level with their digital and social media strategies.


BigCityLife Creative
Expert Content Creation Agency
Master Marketers

Social | Digital | Marketing | Design | Photography | Print | Video

The BigCityLife Creative Agency team lead by internationally published and award-winning Photographer & Creative Director, Ingrid Alice Irsigler and MBA, Business, Marketing, Editor-In-Chief and Agile Project Management Expert, Philippa Rose-Tite have a collective experience of over 40 years, working on international and local projects for blue-chip companies, start-up, artisans and everything in between across the globe.  

With an impressive client list and a multitude of global features and advertising campaigns, and a proven record of a highly successful campaign and brand strategies this duo will take your brand vision to a new level of success and engagement. 

Their ethos is simple… the best people for the best job. A small team of focused committed highly skilled creatives that will bring your story and brand to life in a way that will capture the hearts and souls of your client base.  Take control of your future – make it beautiful, make it significant, make it unforgettable. Make it a story that will become a best seller with BCL Creative.

Ingrid’s past clients have included: Miss South Africa, African Fashion International, Lux – Unilever International, Stein City, J. Walter Thompson – Singapore, AirForce 1 Records, Universal Germany, Motsepe Foundation, Adele Dejak- Kenya, Rephrase Cosmetics Italy, Chrissie Cosmetics – Italy, Vivipharma SpA – Italy, United Charter Services, United Maverick Magazine, The Bar Magazine, Ludwigs Roses, Cafe Hemingways, Avocado Vision, Sally Williams, Mafikizolo, Owenair, ACSA, Lunar.