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I’m not demanding about a lot of things. Give me good, black (preferably ethically sourced) coffee, strong wifi, and space to breathe and I’m a happy individual.

Of course ask my teams or my children and they may tell a different story. Especially when I’m not around, then they will definitely tell you more, untrue, tales about how demanding I can be. And on some of them I suppose I will have to concede. It is true that I have a weird thing about tidy Tupperware drawers, and condiment shelves. It may also be true that I have been known to lose my head over missed deadlines, or shoddy grammar, but then that’s totally justified…
isn’t it?


There is however one thing I will concede that I am a little pedantic about. Just a smidge.  My working space. I’m on the road a lot, and I travel between cities and towns, so part of my travel arsenal, along with killer moisturiser, headphones, spare phone chargers and a make-up bag the size of my palm, I need to know of good places to plant my laptop and get work done. And I will concede that in this, I am a tad bit of a fuss-pot.


I like open spaces, I like lots of light, I like choices (like private and semi-private meeting areas), I like comfy options like soft couches, or when the mood takes me, proper desks and chairs. And I like delicious coffee. So not a lot to ask one would think. But indeed… it has proven to be a tricky order to fill, and so I keep a look out for my perfect working space wherever I go.


A recent trip took me to The Club, based in Hazelwood Pretoria, and I was intrigued to come across The Workspace, in their newly launched phase 2. Taking myself up the escalators, I ventured into their inner sanctum to see if it would warrant a second glance. I am familiar with a few of their other branches, but wanted to see how the younger sibling of the family would measure up.


Well the space is pretty much a laundry list of my requirements. Lots of light? Absolutely. It’s provided by the floor to ceiling windows all around the space. Open areas? The entire office is laid out with a healthy respect for personal space and an understanding of the need for uncluttered workspaces. It also has the all-important variety of seating. From private meeting rooms, to a board room, to semi-private booths where teams can sit together and chat, as well as more relaxed couch type seating areas, and (my favourite), stool seating at the areas right by the windows. Ahhh daylight, the pot of gold at the end of the office workers rainbow!


I was fortunate enough to sample the wifi (suitably strong) as well as the coffee (just as strong and delicious!), and I spent a pleasant hour or so meandering around sticking my head in and out of meeting rooms, chatting to the Branch Manager (who is included in your rental fee by the way), and getting acquainted with the coffee machines (because no matter where you go, or what you are up to, getting to know how to work the life-force bringer is just a smart move!).


Of course being within The Club complex, should you find that conference call ending just a little early, or you’ve whizzed through your million emails in record time, you can take a little wander down the escalators, and there are cocktails on tap from any of the number of delectable restaurants. With such amazing facilities, and equally great diversions in the form of said cocktails, what more could you possibly ask for in a shared workspace?


  • October 16, 2017
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