We Heart This

We Heart This. The name gets straight to the point. It’s fitting, memorable and oh-so-easy to think up on-the-nose compliments about.

In the most literal sense, it’s an online storefront dedicated to local handmade design and décor. But we like to think of it as a Like button for beautiful South African design. Owners Megan Kenney and Debbie Reabow find items they just love to bits and share them with the world. With a wide range of talent and a flat delivery fee of R35, it’s one of the most convenient ways for South Africans to find and enjoy local designs. As you might guess from the name, it’s as much as labour of love as it is a business. While neither has a full-time job in the design industry – Megan is a wedding co-ordinator and Debbie a brand manager – both are absolutely head over heels about design and décor, especially if it’s proudly South African.

The idea for We Heart This came when Megan and Debbie found it increasingly difficult to meander through design shops looking for those perfect gifts and hidden treasures. Searching online for an alternative, they found a gap in the market and decided to fill it themselves. The response has blown them away.

“When we started in August we had 5 suppliers and showcased about 80 products. We now have over 45 suppliers and stock almost 600 products. It’s been such a pleasure working with these talented people!”

Debbie and Megan spend a lot of time on social media and in local markets, searching for new suppliers. Their aim is to showcase the very best of South African design and talent from smaller designers to big studios. They have only two criteria when choosing what to showcase. One, it needs to be South African. And two, they have to love it enough to want it in their own homes or receive it as a gift. Good thing then that they have such fabulous taste. The items on the site are brimming with personality and popular appeal. They are cute without being twee, idiosyncratic without being pretentious, and approachable without being banal. There are Bamboo chopping boards, Be Kind dinnerware, printed cushions by Jesse Breytenbach and Henri Kuikens, and Sitting Cat brooches, to just name a few adorable things that have caught our eye.

“We love unique and quirky designers and there are just so many people doing the most incredible things.”

Getting them to pick their favourite pieces from the site is like getting a mother to name her favourite child, but jewellery holds a special place in their hearts. For Debbie, it’s the Milame heart ring and for Megan, it’s the geometric necklaces range from Savage Jewellery.

They have started commissioning exclusive work from their suppliers and hope to eventually branch out internationally and bring South African talent to a global audience. For now, they plan on continuing to showcase oh-so-covetable handmade products. And we’re planning on ‘hearting’ them every step of the way.

Lets shop!

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