The Cupcake Mom

There are days when you simply need a Nutella filled, Nutella butter frosted cupcake. Not want, not even desire, but need in order to maintain human function.

Then there are days when that rich, decadent, heavenly mouthful isn’t even enough and for those days you need a Fluffanutta which consists of a vanilla based cupcake with thick, soft, cloudy wisps of marshmallow on top, and nutty delicious butter icing in the middle.

Luckily simply needing these decadent mounds of deliciousness isn’t a good enough reason to actually whip them up yourself. Enter the Cupcake Mom, who does it for us.

There are times when I do so love being a BigCityDweller, and the day I interviewed Julie-Anne (THE Cupcake Mom) was one of these. As I saw her striding towards me, precariously balancing boxes of cupcakes, I thought to myself “Yup, this is it; this is also why I love being a writer”. Declaring that I couldn’t possibly begin to understand just how amazingly good the cupcakes are until I have tried them, and therefore I wouldn’t be able to give a fair or unbiased opinion, I was handed 8 of the most exquisitely decorated cupcakes you have ever laid eyes upon. Being someone that doesn’t have to actually eat them to gain so much as a gram (I can just look at them and by some weird osmosis they automatically attach themselves to my hips), I just knew that this wasn’t going to be a good week for the scale.

Then I had one, and I didn’t care. Weighless be damned! Weight-watchers begone!

Who needs to be skinny and full of self-esteem when I had cupcakes like this! The richest, smoothest, most chocolaty of chocolate cupcakes ever to be produced! The sheer scrumptiousness of the matter decided it for me.  Over the last two days I have valiantly, in the pursuit of my craft, unselfishly, laid aside all concern for myself and tried to methodically eat all 8 cupcakes, but I have to concede that I have been unable to test all of them myself, so the troops were rallied.


My youngest (11) got stuck into the Red Velvet cupcake with a creamy cinnamon based icing. The recipe itself, took Julie-Anne 8 months to perfect as she was looking for one which would produce something red, as well as delicious.

Declaring it simply “hmm moisturey, nice, you know like that icing that is the best, well better than that”.

So much for private school fees and erudite children! My eldest broke his rugby induced diet regimen and lined up a chocolate cupcake. Fancying himself rather the food critic, I was looking forward to some great feedback.

What I got was “Oh my gosh! It’s soft, and fluffy, like so light. And the top is like, so, like amazingly, wow. Oh mygosh! Where does she live? Can we get more from her now?”


I am assuming that translated out of teenagese this means he liked it. 

Running for 18months now, The Cupcake Mom produces hundreds of cupcakes a week as well as some extraordinary cakes and biscuits. Julie-Anne can either make them to order, from a picture spotted on the internet, or simply produced by your mad imagination. A teacher by training, Julie-Anne decided that being up to her ears in cookie batter and her own offspring would be a much better plan than joining SADTU and thus The Cupcake Mom was born much to the relief of moms, dads and event planners all over KZN.

To add that little something-something to your next something-something get in touch with The Cupcake Mom on Facebook at or reach her on 071 112 3381.

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