Seasons of a Woman

Make-up, florals and photography combine to bring you “The Seasons of a Woman: a creative impression of the modern woman’s identity”.

Warm, caring, strong, bold, beautiful and independent. These are just some of the things we  as women strive to be. But to grow into any of these, we have to be resilient to an environment that is not always supportive of our dreams. In the inspired project, “The Seasons of a Woman”, striking make-up, fearless floral design and excellent photography come together to address precisely this topic: the journey of a woman through the different stages (or seasons) of finding herself in modern society.

The idea for the project was to push boundaries; to really get the viewer to ‘feel’ the look. So when Sam of Sam Scarborough Make-Up, Terry Parenzee of Ribbon Creative Studio (floral studio) and photographer Rensche Mari put their heads together, they came up with something extraordinarily beautiful.


“The three of us have a very free-spirited approach to our respective arts. We did a certain amount of planning but on the day, we just all let it flow. Creativity is unique that way, sometimes you just have to not try too hard or try to be in control but rather let your thoughts, guided by your skills, float you into something magnificent,” says Terry.


“Seasons of a Woman” is divided into the four seasons, each one making use of lighting, texture, fauna and flora, make-up and hair to reflect the different stages within the woman’s journey.

Spring represents a period of warmth and possibilities. A burst of colour in the florals paired with bright yellows, oranges and fresh greens in the make-up to demonstrate the modesty and welcoming nature of the woman as the mother and nurturer. “I used a dusting of pigment on the cupid’s bow of the lip to re-create the look of pollen,” says Sam.


In Summer, the woman shows rapid growth, strength and fullness which is portrayed in the abundance of foliage and green flowers. Winged liner with a nude lip may seem simple but creates a striking overall impression, alluding to the beginning of her boldness and power. “She is a modern-day Eve in the garden – strong and seductive,” says Terry.


Autumn incorporates Summer’s boldness with the caring nature of Spring. A combination of natural jewellery made from dried leaves and copper sprayed seed pods represent her accomplishments. Rusty tones of browns, golds, bronzes and a shimmer on the eyes point to her strength while soft coloured textures and lighting hint at the gentleness behind her power. In contrast, dark lips hint that Winter is indeed, coming.


In the final stage of her journey – Winter – the woman emerges as strong and fierce. “The deep colours and dramatic lighting illustrate the profound emotions and struggles she experiences but faces with courage and resilience,” says Terry. Jewel tones on the eyes and lip, vibrant purples and reds and statement florals in the headpiece together with dramatic lighting, encapsulate the feeling of strength, power and independence the woman now embraces. She is where she needs to be.


“The Seasons of a Woman” does not only push the limits of ordinary make-up, floral design and photography projects, it also conveys an empowering message, one which we all need to be reminded of: We are warm, we are caring, we are strong, we are bold, we are beautiful and we are independent; we are Women.


Sam Scarborough Make-Up, using MAC Cosmetics:
Instagram: sam_scarboroughmakeup

Terry Parenzee of Ribbon Creative Studio:
Twitter: @RibbonDesign
Instagram: ribboncreativestudio

Rensche Mari:
Twitter: @rensche_mari
Instagram: renschemari

Red Dress: Heart & Heritage

Backgrounds Summer and Winter: Isobel Sipple

Model: Loren Jenneker from Boss Models JHB

[pic credits] Rensche Mari

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