Winter Wonderland With MRP Oakridge

This is it! It’s finally here! My most favourite of all the seasons!

Maybe it’s because I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Joburg girl, but Winter isn’t Winter unless you have at least 4 layers on, are imbibing hot-chocolate at the rate of 2 dress sizes a day and can (without looking like a nitwit) carry scarves, gloves and an extra jacket (complete with faux fur) just in case it gets colder!

Having however moved to warmer climes a couple of years ago (Durban, where on a freezing day it’s a balmy 21 degrees!), the vultures had gathered (read my mates) and liberally shopped my winter wardrobe kindly divesting me of my fur lined jackets (faux – naturally) and gloves that could keep your digits warm enough to clasp the Glühwein.

This is all well and good when you are running around Durban in a t-shirt and capri’s but I have recently found myself doing rather a lot of work in Jozi, and it’s downright astounding how cold the mornings are! But then I am in and out of training sessions, meetings, coffee shops and presentations, so it quickly became apparent that I needed, rather urgently some budget-friendly, layers, and of course being a BigCityLife Mamma there was no way I could just haul on anything – I had to look decent as well!

My absolute, without doubt, most favourite thing I found this week is the extra length cardigan from MRP’s Oakridge range. I have so far worn it with a bodycon dress and my favourite boots, skinny jeans and a smart top; and with a strappy top and skirt combo for a presentation.

While on my search for layers I realised something about myself though. The crazy, rock-n-rolla part of me, thought long buried beneath layers of children, domesticity and foundation when required (for those pesky tattoos, Daddy was right about), is still there and she likes to come out to play. Especially when I go shopping.

While paying for my cardi, my eye caught the coolest shimmer pullover I have ever seen. I couldn’t help myself, I mean everyone’s got to have a little sparkle, and that paired with my standard issue jeans or black pants would work wonders! Of course that necessitated a trip over to the funky paisley poncho (an unconventional combination I grant you, and yet it just works!). As does the faux fur trimmed jacket that I just had to have. At this rate I may have to actually move to Joburg permanently. Or at the very least go and live on a mountain in Lesotho and pray for snow.

Stylishly of course! And in layers!

To shop these gorgeous must have for your winter wardrobe, click here to shop online.


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