How to make a red velvet cupcake

What happens when you answer a phone on an ordinary Tuesday night.
Karen: “Ings I bought us tickets”
Me: “Cool, what we doing”
Karen: “We baking cupcakes”
Me: “We doing what???”
Karen: “Baking cupcakes”
Me: “Did you say we are buying cupcakes? My line seems faulty – I thought you said bake”
Me: “Silence…”
Me: “Like with oven and stoves?”
Karen: “sigh”
Karen: “Be ready 8:30 on Saturday morning”
Karen: hangs up phone.

That’s the story of how I ended up @ The Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School. Now I am a HUGE fan of home cooking – as long as someone else is doing the cooking. In fact, I am the first to accept any home ooking dinner or lunch invitation. I shall even bring my own knife and fork. However, I am sadly lacking in the skills department. As in how do you break an egg. You know complicated methodologies like that. This was going to be a challenge… there was oven and a stove involved… How would I not end up in the hospital!

In the end there was no blood! Just the most fun I have had in years. I learned so much from our chef Kelvin Joel. Like not to panic, and how to break an egg without the shells falling in the bowl. I became inspired, had visions of gourmet glory. Ok well not quite glory – but there is something ridiculously rewarding about a set of cupcakes that you have baked that taste amazing. It’s also really fun to decorate – the design goddess burst out, and I managed to create I heart Jozi shaped cupcakes. They were not perfect, but they tasted amazing!

So in preparation for my self published upcoming cook book, How not to end up in hospital while trying to cook in your kitchen.
Here’s my recipe for a very cool and delicious morning in the JoziCity


1 x exceptionally cool friend
1 x cool crisp Saturday morning
1 x brilliant, kind and patient chef in the form of the yumminess maestro Kelvin Joel
1 x open mind that the stove will not actually kill you
(ok that’s more for the non-bakers/the kitchen is used for more than making tea individuals… such as myself)


I may not have won Best Cupcake award – Karen won that hands down, for her angle wings inspired creation (although I do take some credit for creative direction of the spun sugar) I had the most amazing time. Who knew baking was so accessible, and fun!

I now own a cupcake baking tray, and Saturday nights are generally bake night.. There is nothing that smells like home quite like deliciousness baking in your oven. It just tastes so much better than the store bought verity. My cupcakes may be slightly unequal, and a little Picassos’esc at time – but do they taste amazing on a late, lazy Sunday Moring with that cup of tea, a good book, and my sunny porch.

JHB Culinary & Pastry School

Andre: 084 785 5600 / 072 774 7061

244 Main Street (Opposite Arts on Main)
Corner Main & Berea Streets

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