Hemingway’s Spring Flower Feast

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”, Robin Wiliams

And what better place to party than with the “Hemingway’s Spring Flower Feast and Gin Garden Party ”!

Join me at Café Hemingway’s for a festival of flowers & an inspired menu of the freshest, most beautiful, delectable delights at one of two settings on the first weekend of the glorious South African Spring.

It’s a date! Friday the 1st (at 19H30) or Sunday the 3rd of September (at 12H30), it’s going to be a tantalising, immersion into beauty, taste & luxury!

From home-made Pink Gin & Lavender welcome cocktails to the most unexpected confectionary diversions, this is an event not to be missed!
Limited seats will be available, so book yours now on 011 4660195 /


Philippa Rose-Tite
About me

Director | Wordsmith ~ Philippa worked her proverbial rear-end off to gain her MBA in 2006, while working full time, getting married, and having 2 babies. Though not regretting it, it certainly taught her how under-appreciated the art of juggling can be. After having worked in a number of sales and operational roles, she got tired of making money for other people and now only works with people and companies she loves. Her company is Purple Raindrop and they are a BigCityLife Partner on all things fabulous.


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