Hannon’s magic anti-ageing serum

This ageing thing is just not for sissies! Nor is it for the overly sensitive!

About 8 months ago I took a little sojourn off to the local skin clinic to see if there was anything they could do about some skin damage to my upper chest area (note to 18 year old self, sun cream is not just for the face, it should also be used on the neck and chest area when wearing vests and t-shirts! Dumbass). It was an interesting 45 minutes where apparently they not only looked at the requested area (5 minutes) but also took a long look around the rest of my face, neck and décolletage areas. And I only thought I had one major issue!

This little trip left me feeling crotchety (and not just because apparently my skin gave up trying about 4 seconds after I hit 18!), flaky and a little like I better get myself together and start putting real effort into a skin routine, otherwise I would look the same as I imagine Tutankhamen does now-days.

There’s a whole regime around this, but naturally I wasn’t looking to add another 30 minutes a day to my bathroom time, so I did what we all do. I Googled, then when the information became way too vast, I asked my mates, the young looking ones anyway!

Ingrid (my BigCityLife partner in all things fabulous) had been looking particularly rested, which was astounding considering our work schedule. Either I was the only one working 18 hour days, or Ing had been holding out on me. It turned out to be the latter.  She’d been using the Hannon Collagen Smoothing Serum for a month or so and not only had her fine lines around her eyes and mouth reduced but she was looking… hydrated and sparkly.


I’ve only been using it for a week or so, but already I am in love! The fact that it’s not only made in South Africa by people who understand the climate (so important!!!), but that it’s also made using all natural ingredients and without any testing on animals (oh and it works, making your skin appear refreshed and ‘plumper’) make this a serum I cannot do without.


I have extremely dry, sensitive skin and am allergic to absolutely everything (seriously! It’s insane), so I am very wary of trying new products, but because Hannon Collagen Smoothing Serum is developed specifically for skin over 30, it’s not crammed with anything that won’t add value to my skin, which reduces the chances of allergic reactions, while still working to make me look a little more ’fresh peach’ than ‘dried prune’.

Especially as there is no way I am going back to the scary skin clinic again!

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