Café Hemingway’s Kyalami

Being the nomadic tribe we are at BigCityLife, the need to find a nest where we can work in peace, or not, as the mood dictates – is high on our list of priorities. Our requirements are not extraordinary; all we demand is high speed internet, no downtime during load-shedding, aromatic coffee and delicious treats on request. Oh yes, and we need to be surrounded by beautiful things that inspire us. Sometimes that’s the written word, sometimes it’s the resident cat, Huckleberry Finn, and sometimes it’s the delicate petals of flowers. We aren’t fussy at all! It’s not like we are demanding bevies of strapping, half clothed Roman gods who…. Wait I digress…


When trundling around the office getting underfoot, mumbling about not being inspired, the production team testily recommended that I relocate my muttering self to Hemingway’s, not because I was annoying them you understand, but more because it would inspire me. A short tootle down the road to Kyalami and into a not too inspiring shopping centre. I spotted, nestled in the corner behind billowing Bedouin-style curtains, a tranquil retreat.


Café Hemingway’s manages to channel the feel of not only the writer but the time in which he lived. The décor is clean and uncluttered while managing to be luxurious and unique. The outdoor area, where I sat, opened the small restaurant to the outside world, while managing to feel like it was still indoors. A menu designed with the literary in mind is fun and engaging to read, with each dish named after a literary character!


Talking of food! The large menu caters for all tastes with a strong vegetarian component. The emphasis, according to Head Chef Shaun Janse van Rensburg, is on fresh, local and seasonal ingredients with an ever changing and varied Specials board to complement the main menu. The in-house Pastry ChefEngela Hennig crafts delicate and delicious delights starting with early morning breakfast treats of pancakes and waffles right through to your after dinner delights of Crème Brulee or deconstructed Cheesecake in a jar.


Inspiration is in the eye of the beholder, and not only did I find myself banging away at my keyboard, bit in quieter moments as I sipped my flower tea, and stroked Huckleberry Finn I felt like I had truly found home.


Contact Café Hemingway’s Kyalami: 011 466 0195

Open: Monday: 7am -6:30pm  |  Tuesday: 7am -6:30pm  |  Wednesday: 7am -6:30pm  |  Thursday: 7am till late  |  Friday: 7am till late  |  Saturday: 8am till 5pm  |  Sunday: 8am till 2:30pm

Address: Kyalami Downs Shopping Centre, Cnr Corner of Kyalami Boulevard & Main Rd (R55)

Bookings: Web:  |  Instagram: @HemingwaysJozi  |  Twitter: @HemingwaysJozi

A few more delicious photos from the amazing Kim from Big Shots Photography (We simply LOVE Kim’s work!)…









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