Built for Comfort AT Planet Fitness!

I have been accused of many things in my time. A raucous laugh, not having enough of a ‘filter’ (that one’s totally true), saying the bad words maybe one too many times a day (ok maybe more…shhhhh don’t tell my Dad), but one thing I have never been accused of is being a gym bunny. Or even a gym hippo. Sure I’ve manoeuvred my comfy shape into the odd sun salutation and I’ve even kicked a little ass in the boxing classes but to be honest, you are way more likely to find me running away than going for a run.


So imagine my sheer horror on being invited to the launch of a new gym. There would be terrifyingly skinny people there, expounding on the virtues of Pilates, weights, cardio and other far too healthy things. I mean if you can’t do it with a brownie or a glass of wine in your hand – is it really worth doing? #ThingsToThinkAbout

After wiping the tears of mirth from my eyes, I was all set up to press the decline button when I spotted the address. The newly updated ‘The Club’ being touted as THE place to spot and be spotted in Gauteng. Well what can a girl do? Sure there would be gym things, but there would also be beautiful eateries and a stylish centre to explore, and I needed a reason to go there dammit! So I accepted.


The 3,300sqm Planet Fitness Mega Club welcomes you like a high-end, environmentally friendly urban block. Think natural wood tones, and lots of light friendly glass. But they wouldn’t convince me so easily. I knew that beyond the entrance – guarded by soothing tones of blues and greys…designed specifically to lull me into thinking that this would be a calming, trusting place – I knew that hard work, murderous machines and militant instructors awaited. Hah! You can’t fool me!


It was with this in mind, that I sashayed (yes I call it sashayed even if you call it waddle!), through the entrance and into the large space beyond. Being a girl who likes her Millennial things I made a beeline for the coffee shop called Café Zing, which offers coffee, healthy smoothies and other delectable treats (did I mention the coffee is freshly ground and prepared!). I sat, I indulged…

But onward, one can’t allow oneself to be lulled into a false sense of security by coffee! Until that is I got side-tracked by the yoga studio. The heated yoga studio! Now I’ve already mentioned that I have indulged in a little yoga (you know the kind. Everyone else peacefully zenning, and my Winnie-The-Pooh like self literally falling over – in pose – and promptly collapsing into giggles totally ruining the mood). Full disclosure – I have a thing for forests. Huge towering trees and gorgeous light. The studios are all sprung flooring (in delicate wood shades), and green, towering trees! I was beginning to think that I may be induced to have coffee and a yoga class, before I was whisked off to inspect the running track!!! It has a running track! Ok so I don’t run (at least not unless it’s for wine. Or after Channing Tatum). But there’s a walking lane, and I was assured that a good walk would one day – far into the future – lead to a gentle jog around the sun-kissed track. Things were looking up!


But – lamented my strength-focussed brother- ‘where’s the iron bru? ‘. So I went on a little explore. Cross-Fit, Sleek-Geek, Get-Fit and other strength training advocates will be delighted by the breadth of options when it comes to the ‘iron’. I am assured that one of the most frustrating things is a lat machine line at 5pm on a weekday (yeah I had to Google it too!), but unless the whole of Gauteng descends at the same time, the sheer number of options will mean that lines aren’t going to be a problem anymore!


I haven’t totally drunk the Kool-Aid – it’s still a space basically devoid of wine and chocolate – but it does have a beautiful yoga studio, sun-drenched running track, great coffee, and gorgeous bathrooms. It’s also based in a ‘Cape-Town by Pretoria’ stylishly designed centre that is choc-full of beautiful restaurants that DO have wine and chocolate. But that’s a blog for another day!


So when you do pop into the yoga studio and see some poor git rolling around on the floor like an unruly toddler, that’s me. Be kind. Resuscitate me. Just make sure it’s wine in your water bottle!

Visit Planet Fitness Mega Club in the ‘The Club’. One of 5 beautifully architecturally designed buildings housing offices (opening in March 2018), medical suites (also opening in March 2018), divine restaurants and gorgeous art.

The Club
A brand new Retail Centre in the Brooklyn/Waterkloof area.
Destined to become a well-known and enviable landmark.
Call: +27 12 470 8660

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Cnr. Pinaster Avenue & 18th Street, Hazelwood, Pretoria, 0081


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