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Shopping for the perfect wedding gown for your perfect day is no small feat. I personally tried on –  wait for it -…. an astonishing 35 dresses before I found “the one”. To hell with the groom the endless searching is for the dress, not Prince Charming!

I didn’t want the usual princess dress, or the poufy netting(!) and irritating petticoats. No, it had to be elegant, different, and beautiful.  It had to be “ME”. It had to have all the right things in all the right places.  Many women go through this, and finding the perfect dress requires practically all the stars to be aligned, Saturn to be in orbit and the left foot from a French bullfrog to be ingested along with your morning (fat-free) smoothie.


So, where does one go to get a gown that exemplifies who you are as a woman?  Your uniqueness  –  your “youness”?  Well, that would be Bo & Luca!  Bo & Luca started in Brisbane in 2012 and last year had the honour to be voted one of the top up-and coming bridalwear designers in the world by Spanish Vogue.

In addition to their Australian and Cape Town studios, their gowns can be found in bridal boutiques in London, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto.  And I assure you, they are not your average bridal store!


“Since opening their first studio outside Australia in Cape Town just over a year ago, creative director Shannon Pittman and her team have been delighting South African brides and lovers of couture alike with gowns that combine old – world quality and craftsmanship with contemporary easy – wearing elegance. As suited to walking down the aisle as it is for making an entrance at an informal gathering.”

Where it all began…

After helping her friends in Dubai search for wedding dresses, Shannon realized that there was very little on the market for free-spirited women who don’t necessarily conform to the norm, and she wanted to make gowns that would reflect modern women’s personalities. Bo & Luca’s gowns are characterised by the way they drape to flatter the body. Not an easy thing to learn, Shannon learned this from an Indian tailor, who taught her the art of free draping and how to create a garment by fitting it to a woman’s body instead of following a pattern. This is what gave her the inspiration to start Bo & Luca in Brisbane in 2012.

The designing gene seems to run in the family as Shannon’s grandmother was a designer too.  Shannon describes her as a very modern woman who artfully hand-sewed garments that reflected her bold personality. She goes on to say that her grandmothers love for beautiful fabrics and intricate craftsmanship was definitely passed on to her and the Bo & Luca aesthetic is a reflection of her own meticulous obsession with detail.  For her, this is what romance and style are about.


Bo & Luca regularly introduces new collections but each gown is created especially for a specific bride.  The experience starts with a meeting with Bo & Luca’s Cape Town studio director or stylist for a personal consultation, over a glass of champagne of course!  After deciding on a gown, the bride’s measurements are taken and the process of creating her very own dream dress begins. It takes four to six months – the beading alone requires around three months – and ends with a final fitting at the studio before the last alterations and adjustments are made.  Worth the wait I’d say – so sorry, no shotgun wedding here ladies!

Not only do they make these beautiful gowns, they also make hand – crafted headpieces and embroidered veils.  What if you want to ask your bestie to be by your side on your special day? Well, they do gold-foiled, embossed notes too, allowing you to pop the question “will you be my bridesmaid” in style. And the grand finale, leather journals for your wedding guests – they make those too!

There is such a rich and loving tradition in the sourcing of their materials and the relationships that they have with traditional Indian artisans, whose skills have been handed down from father to son through centuries. The final result is a gown that becomes a family heirloom that you can pass down to your daughter, and her daughter…

Visit their website to view their exquisite collections or book a consultation.

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