Welcome all my BigCityDwellers to Part 1 of my “Amazingly Cool Designery Gifts” to spoil your favourite people these holidays!

I always get a little carried away this time of year and live by the rule, “if I would love to get this gift, then its perfect“. Having the BEST TATSE ever can be such a curse…!

I spend hours online when the rest of the world is sound asleep, and make lists, so many lists… of all my favourite beautiful things for your home. Of course there is a small issue of me blowing the budget, when I buy one gift for myself for every one bought for family and friends. What can I say… This year has been hectic. What is life without a little self love.

As a very wise King, once said in Alice In Wonderland.. “Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end, then stop.”

The start of my gift journey is, I must confess, where I have been spending a little to much time drinking bubbles in their new pop-up shop in Sandton City. Weylandts. I fear they may actually start charging me rent soon…

A strange story about SMEG. I recently blew the budget at the beach cottage, and invested in a SMEG toaster.. ok, so it was the colours and perfect retro design. Who doesn’t want a perfect matt black toaster right? Turns out, SMEG is not only the perfect piece of kitchen design, but makes the perfect piece of toast. It’s so strange. Like the most perfect toast ever. I lOVE toast.. when I am having my wind down days, I can quite easily live on toast and tea. Having battled for years with either undercooked or overcooked toast. I am relived to report, SMEG is your answer. It makes perfect sense that my first gift recommendation would be, The stylish SMEG Kettle ( R2 499).

This gift is definitely falling into the “one for me” catagory.

As I am going back home to The Beach Cottage, next on my gift buying list is the Hammam Bath Sheet, (R395). Nothing like a snuggly sun soaked towel to make you feel warm and cozy after a swim in the cool Atlantic Ocean.

Who I am kidding.. I am definitely keeping this one! The Oak Barrel Corkscrew, (R595). What an item of shear beauty. Really the most important invention to man-kind. They say it was the wheel and fire… But I beg to differ, where would man-kind be without the wine bottle opener. #NoBrainer!

One for me… One for you… One for me… One for you…
A new rendition on, he loves me, he loves me not… (my versions better!)

Holidays in South Africa spell, open flame cooking. While the Northern Hemisphere enjoys a chilly White Christmas, we celebrate with sun cream, soda floats, sandals, and braai’s. My next gift suggestion ensures that we maintain our design centric coolness while watching the day turn to night, sipping on a Finch & Leads Pink Gin & Tonic.

MUST HAVE, contemporary designed Braai Tongs, (R225). These tongs are made of oak & stainless steel, and are the perfect gift to any outdoor Chef this Summer. This gift is perfect as a “SUPER SPOIL” part of a goodie bag, when you include the Oak & Steel Spatula, (R225), the Black Canvas Apron, (R395), and the Blackened Wood Wine Cooler (795).

Lastly, and this is really more of a Universe Channel under the “one for me” wish-list. The Corde Sofa, (4 995). I need this for the beach cottage balcony. Its just gorgeous.

The holiday’s are for dreaming and relaxing and giving. As much as I subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle to a certain degree. I honestly believe wholeheartedly in buying quality. Quality will last you a lifetime. You will also never tire of a beautifully designed product. Just look to SMEG for the proof that good design lasts forever.

Happy shopping BigCityDwellers, off to scavenge a few more fabulous gifting ideas for you!

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