#BigCityDreamers x 2,275,192

We’ve done it!

Thank you thank you thank you!

We have reached more than 2million people a month on our Facebook platform! In fact we’ve reached 2,275,192 over the last 30 days, and we are so excited.

We’ve launched some amazing brands, and exposed you, our dear readers to exciting décor and design ideas, as well as inspired you to follow your dreams, read that book, take that trip, or make the brave decision. We are proud of our amazing team and supremely grateful to every single one of you that has come on this journey with us!


With us, everything is personal. We believe strongly in working with our advertisers to build their reputations as well as our own. We will never compromise on our quality and ensure that no competing brands are listed at the same time. We only engage with brands that we support, and that adhere to the same principles of business and ethical clarity that we do. With that in mind we have a number of advertising solutions, but if none of these suit you, feel free to contact one of our advertising staff for a flexible advertising package that suits your brand and your budget.

My personal advertising choice:

We only have a limited number of advertising spaces available, they are allocated on a first pay basis, and all advertising and images are subject to the approval of All of the adverts appear will rotate at random linking directly to your website, blog or Facebook Page. The Options and sizes currently available are:

Artisan: R2,500 

Entrepreneur: R7,500

Tycoon: R15,000

Click to download BCL Ratecard

We would love to get together and discuss possible brand building options with you, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. If you would like us to contact you about your campaign opportunities, please email us on: for our 2016 rate card. Say HI! on 084 742 2402.

Campaigns are run in the following content areas on BCL.

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Philippa Rose-Tite
About me

Director | Wordsmith ~ Philippa worked her proverbial rear-end off to gain her MBA in 2006, while working full time, getting married, and having 2 babies. Though not regretting it, it certainly taught her how under-appreciated the art of juggling can be. After having worked in a number of sales and operational roles, she got tired of making money for other people and now only works with people and companies she loves. Her company is Purple Raindrop and they are a BigCityLife Partner on all things fabulous.