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With the holidays upon us, this is the time of the year I get my pen and notebook out, and start my home reno plan for the following year. Purge is a big word for me, as I tend to hold onto memories though “things”. Not ideal, as we are moving forward arn’t we, we are not looking back. While its lovely to keep a few treasures in a secret box, turning your home into a shrine of the past is a terrible idea. No good can come from this!

The questions I always ask myself… after a Gin of course!

1. What is the memory attached to this “item” – was it good.. Keep. Was it Bad.. toss.

2. Does the “item” fit into my space and where I am in my life, NOW? Not 5 years ago.. Like today…

3. Does this “item” serve a function. For example an ice machine. Very functional and necessary for the holidays, but not always pretty.

4. Will I miss it when it’s gone. For the RIGHT reasons. Not to have in the back of the cupboard, to bring out on a Wednesday night after a bad day to have an ugly cry session, because you think you lost your one chance at true love. Nope that sh*t must go! Tough Love strategy here! Even if it looks nice in your space. If it makes you cry. Burn it, or just give it to someone else. But in you head you can set it on fire.

5. Does it look amazing in my space and do I LOVE it. I must LOVE it…

Never have anything in your home, that you do not love, need or that improves your life. As lets face it, the dish washer – not so pretty or emotional. But a game changer over the holidays, with a house filled with friends and family!

Once my purge is complete, you may need a sit down, and another Gin. This can be emotional and hard at times. Once complete though, you will feel like the weight of the world has lifted from your shoulders.

Getting rid of bad energy or negative energy items will change your life.

I then begin my home renovation plan for the year. As budgeting is paramount to any renovation, my rule of thumb, work out your budget. Add 50%, then you maybe, somewhere, perhaps, kind of close. Again, why we have wine, and chocolate!

BigCitySecret: We use wine for renovations, and Gin for purges.

Finding a reliable builder is a nightmare. It really is. There is no sugar coating this. I am finding it such a nightmare in Cape Town, I am bringing my amazing contractors from JHB to Cape Town to work on the beach cottage.

Now this may seem a little mad. Seriously, with flights and accommodation. This is still a much more cost effective option, than using local tradesman, and I will get a 100% better final product, and a project where the costs don’t suddenly escalate, for no apparent reason.

Building is as they say, “not for sissies”. You have to have an iron will. Nerves of steel, and possible the odd drop of rescue, with your Wine.

This holiday, give yourself the biggest gift, by calling the contractors I use. These guys are amazing. They have worked on so many different projects with me over the years, from home renovations, to commercial projects. Cafe Hemingway’s, who’s interiors have recently been featured in Design News. All the work on this project was done by these amazing people.

Painting & Building: Philbert – 082 350 3868
Plumber: Almon – 076 785 3800
Tiler: Fernando – 083 580 0027

Happy Holidays, & Happy home renovating BigCityDwellers.

Love the home you are in ALWAYS!


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