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We consistently average a monthly reach of more than 3 million people across all our digital platforms!
In fact we’ve reached 3,1075,961 over the last 30 days!


Your definitive guide to living an urban cool,
design filled, & delicious BigCityLife


Facebook fans: 80 000+:
Average monthly post reach of: 3,000,000+ per month
Post engagments: 72 000+ per day

Pinterest followers: 8000+:
Weekly average re-pins: 2500 pins
Average daily impresstions: 21 000+

Average Daily Viewers 10 000
Average Monthly Viewers 150 000

Newsletter Subscribers: 5 000+  subscribers

Twitter:  1200 + active followers

Website: + 20 000 page views



BigCityLife has an established platform that has been in existence for over eleven years,and has an ever increasing following that can assist in growing your brand or company.


Our readers are sophisticated and design obsessed urbane city dwellers. We engage with readers from LSM 6-10, and have a 62/48 Female/ Male split. Most of our readers are South African, with less than 9% coming from European/ American countries, and approximately 13% from African countries.


Our editorial focus is primarily on design, décor, restaurants, venues, hotels, thing to do, events, property and secret city guides while living life in an aspirational and wholly supported stylish environment.

BigCityLife has a strong emphasis on amusing, fun and engaging content.

We are the independent, online media portal that provides a gateway for entrepreneurs and other start-ups to reach an engaged, educated audience. In addition we offer our corporate advertisers a space to connect and talk to the people of South Africa in an honest, old fashioned way.

We have a strict policy of only working with people, designers, brands and organisation’s that resonate with BigCityLife and embrace our vision.

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With us, everything is personal. We believe strongly in working with our advertisers to build their reputations as well as our own. We will never compromise on our quality and ensure that no competing brands are listed at the same time. We only engage with brands that we support, and that adhere to the same principles of business and ethical clarity that we do. With that in mind we have a number of advertising solutions, but if none of these suit you, feel free to contact one of our advertising staff for a flexible advertising package that suits your brand and your budget.

Working with brand promotion in this complicated world of advertising enables a new approach and demands a BOLD way of thinking when dealing with human, heartfelt story telling and marketing.

We would love to get together and discuss possible brand building options with you, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. If you would like us to contact you about your campaign opportunities, please email us on: