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This Is YOUR BigCityLife

BigCityLife has over the past eleven years become the digital go-to-guide for everything design orientated and lifestyle focused in our BigCityLife. We are all about taking design to the people. Promoting the artisan while inspiring our readers to live their best, most fabulous life. Our current readership of an astonishing 3 million a month over our various platforms, speaks for itself.

We are 100% independent, run by like minded souls who have a passion for everything our South African cities have to offer.

BigCityLife was imagined and created eleven years ago by Creative Director and Commercial Photographer Ingrid Irsigler.  A designer who has her feet firmly on the ground and her aesthetic in Wonderland. A true-to-life marketing leader, who has over twenty years experince in creating and designing award winning, time proven successful advertising, marking and branding campaigns for leading corporate clients across the globe.

Her practice is grounded in engaging concept driven design and bold human centered advertising strategies. An ideology which Ingrid has weaved through the very web of BigCityLife.

Seeking to recapture the sense of discovery that most of us lose when we grow up, Ingrid conceptualised and launched this popular company. With a strong personal conviction that human stories are what drive engagement Ingrid ensures that the editorial content is intelligent and provocative, as well as fun and accessible for all readers.

Three years ago, Ingrid was joined by her long time friend and marketing powerhouse Philippa Rose-Tite who has spent the last twenty years building brands and sales for various companies while achieving her MBA and honing her formidable writing skills.

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BCL has proved its value in becoming the definitive digital guide to good living in South Africa, and has the advantage of being an affordable channel for entrepreneurs and artisans to market their small and medium enterprises to an engaged and quantifiable audience. In addition BCL offers corporate advertisers a space to connect and talk to the people of South Africa in an honest, old fashioned way.

To date, BigCityLife has over 100,000 loyal fans, subscribers and has a monthly reach of over 3,000,000 engaged followers, gained over eleven years of consistent successful social media and digital marketing campaigns. BigCityLife has a strong emphasis on amusing, fun and engaging content.


At BigCityLife we specialise in lifestyle, hospitality and food marketing, as well as the conceptualization and development of advertising campaigns as well as beautifully styled photographic shoots.

BigCityLife is an organisation with many different coloured pencils, and we can assist with almost any aspect of design, brand building, marketing, photography and content generation across both digital and print medium. To that end, if you need assistance creating your advert or advertising strategies, we would be delighted to do so! 


Why has BigCityLife structured advertising the way we have?

That is a great question! Thanks for asking! People no longer buy from adverts, from companies or perceived big business. They buy from people… and they do this because their best friend recommended the shop, they eat at a certain restaurant because their book club talked about it & said it was amazing.

The point is – people no longer trust advertising. They trust the recommendations of their BigCityLife network. We are the ultimate cool, informed best friend. We show people design filled places, aspirational homes, the delicious places to eat, the wanderlust worthy places to holiday.

We are the network, we are the neighbour, we are the mom, the sister, the best friend. We are – in short – who more than 3 million people a month trust.


We have launched some amazing brands, and exposed you, our dear readers to exciting design ideas, as well as inspired you to follow your dreams, read that book, take that trip, or make the big, brave, bold life decision. We are proud of our amazing team and supremely grateful to every single one of you that has come on this journey with us!

Working with brand promotion in this complicated world of advertising enables a new approach and demands a brave way of thinking when dealing with human, heartfelt story telling and marketing.

We would love to engage with you to see how we can build your brand story, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. If you would like us to contact you about your campaign opportunities, please email us on: