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Reaching over 10 million South Africans monthly! 

Your definitive guide to living an urban cool, design filled, & delicious BigCityLife

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The BigCityLife family has grown organically over the past 14 years, with faith, trust and lots of love in our curated content and our independent voice. Demographics: 75% WomenFacebook fans: 205,000 
Post reach June: 9,104,924
Post reach May: 9,646,762
Post reach February: 12,222,024
Post reach January: 13,700,843
Post active engagements: 1,209,748
Monthly Page Reach: 2,800,000
Pinterest Followers: 10,080
Average Monthly Viewers: 450,000+
Weekly Average Re-pins: 4,500 pins
Average Daily Viewers: 15,000
Monthly Impressions: 579,462
Twitter: 1400 + active followers
Instagram: 2200 + active followers – JUST LAUNCHED
Newsletter Subscribers: 5 000+  subscribers

Join over a million people

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We consistently average a monthly reach of more than 9 million people across all our digital platforms! In fact between January and June 2019 we averaged 10 074 651 BigCityLife fans with some months spiking as high as 13,7 million! 

The first week of Feb 2020 we had a post reach exceeding 2million!

We’ve launched some amazing brands, and exposed you, our dear readers to exciting décor and design ideas, as well as inspired you to follow your dreams, read that book, take that trip, or make the brave decision. We are proud of our amazing team and supremely grateful to every single one of you that has joined us on this journey!


It’s simple! We are the BIGGEST online voice and platform in the country! We are the marketing queens with (collectively) over 40 years experience working with some of the biggest brands, not only in Africa, but in the world! We are passionate creatives, working with brands that resonate with our team, so we know they will do the same with our followers and fans. We believe in story and will work with you to uncover the spark that fanned the flame for your brand, and to make sure it captures the hearts and souls of BigCityLife – with the ultimate goal of growing your business and positively impacting your bottom line. 

BigCityLife is an established platform which has been in existence for over fourteen years, and has an ever increasing following that can assist in growing your brand or company. 

BicCityLife are amazing creative content producers and innovator marketers with a reach of over 10 million people a month in South Africa.